How to style pinky sweater in winter?

Hello girls!

Since pink color is so popular this winter, I have noticed that I wear it too much lately! Maybe you can find some inspiration in my outfit, so here they are!

1. Pink sweater and white dress

Perfect combination of colors for girly outfit. If you’re romantic soul and you like to wear pastel tones – this combo is for you! You can wear it with over-knee boots or like me, suede pinky shoes.

2. Checked print skirt and pinky sweater

I love new trend with checked print on clothes! It’s so basic and beautiful so you can combine them really easy! I love wearing it with black over-knee boots.

3. Midi skirt and pinky sweater

This is the outfit I like the most! It’s so attractive and lovely, I feel so beautiful. If you’re planning to wear outfit like this, please keep in mind that this outfit is not for snow! Believe me. It is so cold if you’re not wearing socks, and it looks not so pretty with Ugg boots 🙂

4. Pinky sweater without shoulders

When I saw this sweater, I just could imagine all the outfit I can combine with it. It’s so warm and fluffy, so there is no cold when you’re wearing it! I use to wear it with skirt and pants, as you can see, so I hope you will find inspiration!

That’s all folks! 🙂 I hope you enjoyed, and see you soon girls! You will find all the sweaters linked bellow.

Pink sweater, you can find similar HERE and HERE . And pinky sweater without shoulders are from H&M and you can find it HERE


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